Dilif is a one stop 100% FREE  solution that provides all what is required for your product website. You get the following services out of the box -

    Issue/bug tracking system
    Forum to discuss questions and ideas
    Blog for announcements
    Docs for showing product documentation
    Pages - an internal documentation system only visible to project members.
    Optional home page

Every product gets its own unique url. E.g. http://myproduct.dilif.com. Service urls will also be based on this product url, e.g. for blog - http://myproduct.dilif.com/blog/. You can also configure your own logo on top left and integrate the service urls with your own website. Clicking the logo will take user back to your website making it a seamless experience for your customers browsing your site. The Dilif logo will not appear anywhere making it look like everything is your own website.

For instance, https://sec-notes.com uses dilif to manage issues and forum. The website looks like below with "Forum" and "Issues" links -

The "Issues" link will take the user to sec-note's issues page in dilif -

Notice how sec-note's logo shows up in the page. Clicking on it will take the user back to sec-notes.com giving a feeling of not leaving the site.

If you don't have your own domain name or site, you can always use the home page from dilif. You can also choose which services you want to use. E.g. If you choose not to use forums, the forums link won't appear in the top menu.

For details and features of each service, please use the links in the left menu.