Forum service

A forum consists of categories, forums and posts. Categories can hold other categories or forums. Forums will host posts which users will create. Categories and forums can only be created by forum managers or project admins. This can be done from the forum dashboard. If you are a project admin or forum manager, the dashboard button will show up on all pages.


From dashboard page, you can add/delete and re-order categories and forums.

If your project has only one category and only one forum inside it, the forum menu will load that forum page directly showing list of posts. If not, a page showing all categories will be shown.

Any logged in user can create forum posts and reply to posts. All logged in users can also watch posts and get notified of new replies.

Deleting categories, forums and posts.

Posts can be deleted by post owners or forum managers or project admins. Categories and forums can be deleted by forum managers and project admins. Deleting posts, forums or categories moves them to a trash can. Items in trash can will get deleted automatically after a cooling period of 10 days. There is no direct deleting of items in the trash can. This provides a safety net to bring back items deleted accidentally.